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News and working projects

Trima Limes website

Website under construction for Trima Limes French music band.

Remodeling website

Kristalin Contracting is a website under construction for a Philadelphia US Remodeling company.

Who am I and what is Ink Design?

Hi, I`m Cristian, a Freelance Web Designer and Ink Design is my professional online identity.

What I`m doing on your screen?

I`m helping your business to grow.
Most of the people don`t understand exactly the true value of a website.
A website creates the first impression of your company in the mind of prospective customers and opens the door to new business.
Don`t forget:
Your website is like a mirror to your business and will reflect immediately lots of information about your business professionally.

How am I doing this?

First of all, I want you to know that all my websites are built from scratch. I don`t use ready made templates, so what you get is unique. I`m using the best software in order to create an accurate online identity of your company.